I heard about your aching concerns, I felt the beats of your heart, I saw you blinking back tears behind those shades and I perceived your fears behind your fragrance..

Friends, I’m excited. particularly because, I’m ready to help someone through the journey of thriving, against all odds.

I wrote this letter to you!


Life is episodic, full of surprises, love, hate, pain, highs, lows, intrigues and drama.

Sometimes, we are caught up pursuing things we don’t really need, dreaming about projects we don’t connect with, hoping for realities we have no passion, and having wishes that don’t make us happy.

So, after expending so much energy on the race track, and exerting pressure on ourselves and everything /everyone around us, we suddenly find out we actually wanted something else and perhaps better.

Isn’t it amazing that sometimes we find boredom when we had set out in search of happiness? Or found loneliness when we reared out just to find some company? Or when we eventually realized we rejected and denied ourselves just because we at all cost wanted to get ‘acceptance’ and ‘relevance’?

We have fallen into the dragnet of pleasing everyone else but our very selves.

Our thoughts center more on the opinions and interpretations of others than on our happiness and true convictions.

We measure our purse by our neighbour’s; evaluate the intelligence and purpose of our kids by those of our friends; rate our success by societal standards, and label our achievements with the tag of commentators.

We have unconsciously made our lives, careers, homes, choices and ultimately our destiny the canvass upon which family, friends and colleagues paint their verdicts, opinions and expectations over and over again.

Consequently, we are continuously and consistently trying to pay up and serve the sentence meted out to us in the Court of Public Opinion.

It then becomes that our lives are simply second chance to allow others re-live their lives through us, many times over!

We are happy as long as we measure up. We are fulfilled when we get a nod, and we feel great at their acceptance.


Can I remind you that’s there’s a U (Uniqueness)in you? Can I also remind you that you are enough? The only challenge you have is the fact that you don’t love yourself enough to get off the grid and go for your greatness with every grit you’ve got, regardless of who is or who is not giving you a go-girl/guy kinda vibe.

One profound word for you is that you quit looking everywhere else but within you and begin to birth out your true convictions.

The only lofty gift you’d probably receive if you continue to live other people’s opinions/lives or allow people to live their lives through you, are bundles of fragrant flowers on your home beyond and cute obituary pictures everywhere.

Life is too transient, so live everyday your truest self and be all you want to be.


©Elizabeth Bassey

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