Happy Priestly Silver Jubilee to a Great Boss

Happy Priestly Silver Jubilee to a Great Boss

Charles Erwin Wilson once said that “a good boss makes others realize they have more ability than they think they have, so that they can consistently do better work than they thought they could.”

Why did I pick this statement? Because I think it is important to celebrate my boss who has all these qualities stated above, on his priestly silver jubilee. I am sure some of you have terrible bosses, bosses you would rather not celebrate, but myself and most of the Fides staff are the lucky few to have a great boss. I am going to spend a little time talking about how lucky I am to have him as a boss.

When I started working at Fides, (my first one!) after NYSC, I had no idea what to expect. I was sure it would be different from my service experience at Anambra Broadcasting Service, Awka, but I had no idea what I was really getting myself into.

Before getting the job, I was caught in the middle of either returning to my family house in Enugu or going for any kind of job that could sustain me for the time being. Going home? Sitting down. every day? Settling for any kind of job?  Me? It all seemed a little overwhelming, but I was happy when,  weeks after  my passing out parade, I finally got hired by Fides Communications, now Fides Media. Initially, I had wanted a broadcasting outlet, because I had gone for one or two interviews and even freelanced in some media organizations that delayed my employment. When I got the job at Fides, I did not really care that it was not my dream job because I thought of it as temporary, something to do until that “real” career in broadcasting kicked in. I was quite sure I would not stick around too long. I was simply happy to know that I would have a paycheck every month and I would write stories that would be published in the newspaper.

It was at my very first interview that I met my boss, who has turned out to be a great boss and a friend. But I did not always know that bosses could be that receptive. He spoke to me and gave me reasons why I should grow and be a better person. The very first day on the job, he welcomed me, and introduced me to the Fides family. I was in shock as I took my seat at the newsroom in the Fidesplex. Could this really be true? So, I thought. I was raised in a very conservative and reserved environment (we raise brows at everything). Laughs… I could not believe that someone could be a boss and be that humble. Within me, I forced myself to think it was just the initial welcome they give to new people (initial garagara) sighs…

But it continued and became better by the day. Soon it became days, weeks, months, and then years…. nothing ever changed. What changed was my perception of life and the rapid growth and development.Two and a half years later, looking back on that memory and laughing. Since that very first day, my boss and I have developed a great relationship (and there is no day to be regretted). One of the reasons I believe this has been possible is because, like any great boss, my boss really wants me and everyone around him to see life in a different perspective, and for us to do well. Of course, he wants us  to work hard at the  company and do the best job we could, that is why,  he most times yell at us when we do it wrongly, yet, he does all in his power  to see us  succeed.

Often, I feel that he has been one of the most positive influences in my life over the past few years. He has helped me to learn more about myself, my abilities, my strengths, and weaknesses. He has also helped me to become better at what I do and to generally become a better person. He made me realize that I could be more than just a broadcaster because I am multi-talented, and I can make headway no matter where I found self.  Here is what I think makes him such a great boss…

He supports me. My boss has my back. When I make decisions, he supports them. When I bring ideas to the table (and they are not completely ridiculous), he backs me up. This is one of the best things you can do if you are someone else’s boss. Working should be a team effort and you should always feel like your boss is on your team. If you feel as if it is you versus him/her, you are going to be in for a rough working relationship. I am fortunate enough to have a boss who supports the actions I take and is willing to let me try new things because he believes I can accomplish them.

He challenges me. While it is great to have support from a boss, it is also so important that your boss challenges you. If I were not asked to move out of my comfort zone from time to time, I probably would not offer to do so. My boss suggests I do things that are not necessarily the things I want to do, but doing these things helps me to grow both as an employee and as a person. Part of the joy of being challenged too is realizing that someone else thinks you can do something that you cannot. He really believes I’m capable to do a lot more than I usually give myself credit for and without some of the challenges he has given me, I wouldn’t have had a lot of  the opportunities to grow that I have had.

He encourages: me when I want to try something new, my boss pretty much always thinks it is a good idea. He is open to letting me try new things and he is always encouraging me to think about things differently and not limit myself by looking around at what is already in place at our company. While some bosses might sit back and think that the old way of doing things is fine, my boss encourages me to look for new ways of doing things. In addition, he encourages me to keep working even when tasks are not going according to plan. He is also quick to offer words of encouragement when I am faced with unpleasant situations. It is important to have a boss who encourages you because sometimes work is hard.

He trusts me. This one is key. If you have a boss who is always looking over your shoulder to see if you’re doing things properly, it’s going to be pretty hard to feel like you have a good relationship with your boss. One of the best things about my boss is that he trusts me. He does not manage or assume that doing things his way is always the best way. He is open to suggestions and, most importantly, he values our input. Most times, he even tells us to our faces that he lets us decide things because he trusts our judgment. It is hard to have any sort of functioning relationship without trust and I know firsthand that it is an important aspect when it comes to having a productive relationship with your boss.

Now, I must end it here to say that we, in Fides are probably one of the lucky employees to have him as our boss.

Happy Priestly Silver Jubilee, Rev. Fr.Dr Martin Anusi.

You are a Priest forever!

Eulogies to a Quintessential Priest-Communicator, Rev’d Fr Martin Anusi at 25

By Precious Ihunanya Ukeje

‘If I my trust betray, may I likewise perish.’

I was barely a teenager when sitting over a piano at a youth conference of the Aba East Diocese of Methodist Church Nigeria, a certain Presbyter said the quote above about ordination into priesthood; it struck me and did stick with me too.

It made me realize that the priesthood journey is not one to be toyed with. And I won’t be caught with mouth agape if I find out there’s a similar oath in the  Catholic Church.

A priest is saddled with the responsibility of himself, his immediate family and that of other families who becomes his by reason of priesthood.

This is what Fr Martin Anusi has displayed in the little time I’ve known him. But that is not the gist.

For a man to be able to combine the arduous task of shepherding the flocks of God and amassing a deep dexterity of communication theory and practice is an entire case study for perhaps, a combined course in theology and communication.

Martin Anusi leads an army of both other communication experts and trainees. In this has he made out of many, reputable professionals in the media industry.

He gives no room for excuses and speaks to young people as though he’s a prophet, not of doom, but one full of personal experiences. And he’ll be heard saying, ‘watch this that I’m telling you, it usually happens.”compile the A list of team players around this part of the world and you’ll never miss Fr Anusi in the list. He’s got the magic wand in the comity of good team players; down to earth and open to knowledge.

He’s quoted to always add to “knowledge is power” quote that “information is success.” You’re yet

to find an info-curator and manager as this one.

Like Apostle Paul in the scriptures, when he gives commendation on a person or thing, you can leave your business in the hands of such person and go to bed. His words are gold; you can hold him by them.

Because of space, I’ll cut it short here. But one other thing to know and note about this doyen of communication is that just as any other person, he works hard and puts to good use, every knowledge he has acquired.

Fr. Martin Chukwudi Anusi is a great priest with the heart of an angel. He has taught me a lot which has being of great help to me. He is indeed a natural.

On this 25th anniversary, I wish you more blessings, and may the good Lord oil your lamp to continue leading his flocks to the right path. Shine on Padre.

Maureen Kenneth

Father Martin Anusi  is quite a unique being with a virtue that is worth emulating. I must emphasis on this, He has shown true service to the supreme Being (God) and Humanity.

I wish him many more years of God’s unending grace in the ministry

Nkeonyelu Ogenna Ileka

God knows I wouldn’t have allowed your 25th priestly anniversary pass by without wishing you well. You are a good man with a very large heart to contain everyone. Today being you 25th priestly anniversary I just want you to know I got secret prayers for you.

More wisdom

More strength

More direction

More revelation

More health.

Ogochukwu Alado

I dont really know the right words to use to talk about Fr Martin Anusi, he is everything good to everybody. He is a true definition of who a priest is, a guardian and a seasoned formator.

My success story will not be complete without him being involved.

My prayer for him as he celebrates his sliver jubilee as a priest is that the God who has chosen him will continue to order his steps in His word and that daily as he lives, his whole life will be an expression of God’s praise.

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