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Save HER Today

It is World Menstrual Hygiene Day. And the theme for this year’s celebration is “Menstruation in Pandemic ”

Almost 300 million of the world’s population who are women are of the menstrual age.

But just a few of them have access to sanitary pads.

Some don’t even know what sanitary pads are not to talk of the comforts it could give users.
Most young and growing girls use pieces of cloths ( we dont have to probe further to know how clean those rags are, how do they even wash the rags after use,
the reuse processes pose another health concern)

Some double their panties to prevent drippings.
Don’t we think that Tampoons or pads are to be readily available in remote areas and suburbans as palliatives.
Weird right? No, it shouldn’t be. If condoms can be distributed in public places, camps, IDP camps etc why shouldn’t we consider the girl-child in her ‘waiting’ period. A tool for generational continuity, a vessel always going through blood shed.
Save HER today!

It is therefore our duty as the knowledgeable to sensitise HER on the effects of menstrual health.

Give a pad to a girl child today.

Talk to her about menstrual hygiene

Dedicate your time and money to see a girl child grow
You could be that one person to save HER.

Blessing Hill & Mercy Hill
*Save HER Initiative*


  • Mercy June 9, 2020

    Quite insightful! I never knew such colossal figure of the women population are ignorant of/ lack pad. I ll look out for a girl child to help. Hygiene and being health conscious is a necessity. Thanks Mercy hills.

    • Mercy Hill June 10, 2020

      Thank you so much Mercy, we appreciate and your contribution will be helpful.

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