59th-independence-God is ready-to-take-Nigeria-to-promise-land-osinbajo

59th-independence-God is ready-to-take-Nigeria-to-promise-land-osinbajo

Vice President Yemi Osinbajo has urged Nigerians to put their trust God, saying He is ready to take the nation out of its current hardships to the ‘promised land’.

Osinbajo spoke on Sunday during an interdenominational Church Service to mark Nigeria’s 59th Independence anniversary in Abuja.
According to him, “God has promised through the mouth of his trusted prophet that he is giving us a new Nigeria. “May I announce to you today that God is ready to take us to the promised land. We must remember that the Almighty God is the builder of the nation.” Quoting Psalms 24:1, the VP noted that God controls the destiny of nations and its people. He narrated how God had promised to take the children of Israel out of bondage, suffering and slavery and bring them into the promised land, flowing with milk and honey. Osinbajo, however, noted the manner in which some who were asked to spy the land of Canaan on behalf of the Israelites, came back to declare that it was impossible to take the land because of the giants there. According to him, “They said it was impossible to take the land, the problems were gigantic, the issues too many, however, Caleb and Joshua had a different spirit. They said that because God had promised and because he could do it, the problems were just bread. – a mere bread to be eaten by the children of Israel. “God has also promised us a new Nigeria, a peaceful Nigeria, a prosperous Nigeria, a Nigeria where justice, equity and fairness shall prevail, a United Nigeria. Where the different tribes and tongues are not the reason for separation, but joyful textures of our togetherness. God is ready to fulfill his promise. “We stand outside a new city, a promised land a new Nigeria and like the spies sent by Moses, some are saying it is impossible; Nigeria cannot change; the ethnic and religious divisions are too deep; corruption cannot end; politicians are too selfish, too mischievous. “Yet like Caleb and Joshua, if we, declare that these problems are merely bread for us, a new Nigeria is here. And each and every one of us, our families our friends, all of us will eat the fruits of the land. “God Almighty has taken away the protection of the enemies of this nation, he has taken away their powers, the noise we hear, the turbulence that we experience, are the last gasps of the defeated foes.” Osinbajo declared that the days of freedom was at the door, adding “We reach for the new Nigeria which it’s builder and maker is God. As we wait as it is declared in Psalms 46: 11. The Lord of host is with us.”


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