NYSC POP: Make Hay While the Sun Shines

NYSC POP: Make Hay While the Sun Shines

It is a general belief that life begins for young adults immediately after graduating from the university. But for some, there’s a mercy extension till after NYSC. All according to the proverbial hand, and how ‘him power take reach’.

Whichever the case, for another batch of gallant men and women who availed themselves for service to the fatherland, today is the first day of the rest of their lives, and I don’t mean it metaphorically.

The pellicles should be falling already; for the late bloomers it’s usually around the time you receive your discharge certificate. Reality further sets in as you propel yourself, seeking purpose, asking what comes next. Fingers twitch relentlessly, eager to force-dial those uncles and aunties into finally making a move. The odds are they’ll take your action as an excuse to explain away their ineptitude.

Not that they don’t wish you well (shockingly, they might not). It’s just what it is.

What then do you do not to become a victim of post-NYSC depression:

1) Hang around people or places that give you joy

2) Do things that give you joy. If you’re lucky enough, you could start making a living off them.

3) Never let anybody dictate to you how your life should go or be at any point in time. If your choices bounce back, fine, at least you know you lived life on your own terms.

4) Be your own source of joy.

I suggest  also, that every Nigerian youth learn a trade, you can always fall back to whenever low on cash or when the going gets tough.
Physical labour, especially one learned as a pastime, is the quickest employer in bad times.
Embrace the blue collar job,while waiting for the white collared!
Happy POP, guys!

I hope this meets someone well.

Always remember, your best is yet to come.

Happy POP.

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