Music is My Life – Viktur Vital, the Corp Member Musician
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Music is My Life – Viktur Vital, the Corp Member Musician

For many, the mandatory youth service year is a time to enjoy an absolute freedom from the rigors and stress of hot academic pursuits. Some view it as a time to live a worry-free life, catch enough fun and enjoy endless merriment. However, they only realize by the end of the service year, that they have wasted a golden opportunity to make some meaningful personal achievements.

There are, however, smart and intelligent others who decide to spend the one year working on and improving their lives in all ramifications, for the journey of life ahead. One of such is Ifeanyi Victor (aka Viktur Vital) a young musician.

In our chat with Viktur, he revealed how the NYSC year was for him an opportunity to make some bold achievements in the area of music, through dedication, focus and hard work.

Below are some excerpts from the interview with Ifeanyi Victor, also known as Viktur Vital

Can you please introduce yourself?

I am Ifeanyichukwu Victor, also known as Viktur Vital

I just passed out from the National Youth Service Corp, here in Anambra state, I taught Government as a subject in a Community Secondary School at Isuofia, Aguata LGA of  Anambra state, presently. I am a gospel musician.

So, how was it like being a Corp member?

It was very interesting because I had yearned to be a Youth Corp member for so long, so getting to wear the khaki gave me a lot of joy and a bit of fulfillment, not minding the situations around me and, the ups and downs of life. I was fulfilled and I felt I could use the opportunity to inspire lives which was paramount to me.

What was the high point for you,during the one-year duration of your service to the country?

I had a lot of achievements during the one-year duration of my service. Do you know that before the first quarter of the year, I had already bought a motorcycle for myself. hahaha with the 19800 allowance, although, it was not easy at all, I had to  involve myself in other skills and activities which I did with all diligence  and hardwork. Someone just came one day and asked me if I could purchase it, I told him the little amount I had, and then he sold the motorcycle to me. Oh my God I was so happy! I was astonished because before then I never knew I would be a motorcycle owner. hahahaha.

Another was my first song, during the service year, I was able to release my first song, titled “Olisa”, it was the biggest hit of my life and I can never forget service year for that because of these two peculiar achievements

What Inspired your Music Career?

Hmmm…my mum told me that when I started speaking as a child I would always sing what the Igbos call Abu means the songs of saints, and since then I have been singing as a child in my church choir, as a youth I was a Music Director, then in the university. Each time I sang then as an undergraduate, I got accolades from friends who told me I inspired them, some will be like, Viktur, you inspired me, please keep singing. You can’t imagine that I got a scholarship back then, when someone saw me singing, and he said wow… I am going to pay for your fees for two years in the university and you won’t believe that it went a long way to help my family, myself and academics.

Even when I was in the orientation camp, in my NCCF, I was able to bless lives through my ministration, even from there, I got so much attention.

So in the early part of my service I decided to do something new, I recorded my first single and people started downloading my songs and I reached out to a lot of people through my song and the feedback was wow, this really encouraged me.

Recently your song has been featured in so many radio stations vlogs and many other media outlets, how do you feel about that?

This is me, living the best of my life now, its like a dream come true. Olisa is a song that inspired me, I sang it for the people on the streets, to touch the souls of people out there. Recently, someone called me from the US that Olisa really inspires him and that he plays the song every day in his house.

What prospect do you have for your career in the music industry?

If you look at Olisa, you will notice that it’s a dance hall genre of music, which relates to everyone in the streets. So, my idea is to bring gospel music to the man in the streets so that everybody can relate easily with it. There is a song that I am recording now, which I believe is going to be a bomb, to me,  it will relate more to the people in the streets.

What drives your passion in Gospel music?

There is this burning desire in me to touch lives, inspire people and bring people closer to God. Money is good but that is not my pursuit for now.

Who is your Mentor in the Gospel Music Industry?

I love all Nigerian artistes, but I must tell you that I will love to have my first collaboration with Sinach, the female Gospel artiste. Her songs inspired me a lot when I started, infact! I began stage presentations with her popular song ”More of You”. I hope to sing and inspire people just like Sinach.

Do you have thoughts of delving into secular Music?

Nooo! Gospel music is what pays for me, because I want to draw souls for God.

During your service year and in life generally, would you say you have encountered any challenges?

Hahahaha…my dear, the biggest challenge I encountered, though I now see it as what made me strong, was that I suffered hunger and starvation and then developed ulcer, which dealt with me. Aside that part, which to me, was very challenging, others were minor.

So many youths out there have this opinion that NYSC, as a scheme is a scam and should be expunged, what is your reaction to that?

NYSC, really helped me as a person to grow and affect lives, connect with people of diverse cultures and tradition and utmostly, widened my horizon to life. I as an individual used to have this phobia for other tribes, but NYSC, gave me the opportunity to meet with other Nigerians of different tribes, who affected my life positively.

Then, people only see the scheme as a scam because of the way it is structured, I only  think the government should restructure by empowering the youths by first of all reducing the duration to three months, then give them the money they would have been paid for the twelve months in bulk after they must have been empowered in camp in so many skills. Then, Youths can set up businesses of their choice.

Its few months after Service for you, what are your Aspirations?

I look forward to affecting lives positively, explore my music career, getting to the peak of my career, telling a bigger version of my story. Where people will listen to or read my story and then get inspired. Okay, someone told me recently, Viktur you are blessed because you inspire me a lot.And that has been my goal and i think i am gradually achieving it.

Aside music, what other area do you see

I am a motivational speaker, so, I wish to explore that part of my life, I am also an event host.

So how many songs have you been able to release?

I have a lot of songs recorded but I have released just one to the public, others will be out soon.

Your Advice to youths out there?

I will begin with those who just left Secondary Schools and do not have sponsors for them to further their education. First, engage yourself positively, it could be starting up a sachet water business, learn a trade and raise some money for your JAMB form. Read hard and get good grades. Trust me, explore other God’s given talents, you will get attention and help will come. When you find yourself in the higher institution, be focused, diligent and explore other things. When I was in school, I did odd jobs, ushering in events, event planning just to mention a few, in order to raise funds. Most importantly I read a lot and worked hard to become one of the best students in my class. Life was not easy but gradually, I have been able to meet up with life’s expectation.

Thanks, Viktur, it’s been a nice time with you

Thank you…hahahaha


  • Maureen Kenneth April 26, 2019

    Viktur-vital! seriously you blow my mind with the fact that you gained a two year scholarship with your awesome voice. i see you with Sinach soon. nice one!

    • Mercy Hill May 28, 2019

      Thanks Maureen,we appreciate your comment on this post

  • Denzel May 7, 2019

    Wow this dude is awesome, keep up the good work bro

    • Mercy Hill May 28, 2019

      Thanks Denzel.

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