World Theatre Day-Celebrating Theatre Dons in ABU Zaria

World Theatre Day-Celebrating Theatre Dons in ABU Zaria

We can’t deny the importance of plays and theatres. Theatre  play  important roles since Greek-Roman times.Starting from entertainment to reflecting society. Theatre at one point to another in various society reflects history,political issues, family concerns, religion and can be used as a weapon of revolution and education,just to mention a few.But nowadays its role is on a  decline. To make people aware of  the importance of theatre and  artists, World Theatre Day is celebrated.

International Theatre Institute (ITI) initiated in 1961 to celebrate World Theatre Day across the world to value and spread the  importance of theatre to the whole world. On this day, ITI host a yearly message, spoken by a chosen famous theatre performer, to share their views about the art of theatre and its future. In 1962, the first message was spoken by Jean Cocteau in 1962. Do you know that this message is translated into over 50 languages and printed in hundreds of newspapers? Through several institutions this message was broadcast to all corners of the world. ITI has more than 85 centers throughout the world; it also encourages colleges, schools, theatre professionals to celebrate this day.

World Theatre Day is observed globally every year on 27 March to generate awareness about the importance of theatre arts, how they played an important role in the field of entertainment and the changes that theatre brings in the life.

As we know that the theatre is a combination of various forms of fine arts that uses live performers, actors or actresses to present before a live audience about the real experience in a specific place or may be on a stage. Nowadays importance of theatre is declining so this day is a wake-up call for governments, politicians, institutions, and people to recognise the value of theatre to the individual, people for economic growth as well. Let us study about World Theatre Day, its history, events, celebrations, importance etc. through this article.

Most importantly celebrate with me my Alma mater, the prestigious Ahmadu BelloUniversity,Drama village.Students of Theatre and performing Arts  refer to it as the “Well” because of its Arena/Theatre in a round structure.This well has bred alot of stars whose cap are well decorated with colorful academic feathers.

Drama Village

 Also, Theatre scholars  from my Alma mater who have made landmark achievements in the field, not only that, impacted much in the lives of so many students who passed through them.Below are selected Lecturers from the department of Theatre and Performing Arts,Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria.Although some renowned ones are dead but their footprints still reflect on the sands of time and in the lives of many Drama students.

Prof Dapo Adelugba


Prof. Jenkeri Okwori

Prof Oga Steve Abah

Prof M.I Buratai

Rasheedah Liman

Steve  Y.Daniels




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