Meet The Man Whose Wife Tortured His Mistress In Nude Video, The Wife Speaks

Meet The Man Whose Wife Tortured His Mistress In Nude Video, The Wife Speaks

The lady who stripped Unclad and flogged her sister’s mistress, the sister and her husband are all in police custody in Anambra State.

The wife of the man spoke on how the torture happened and why it did happen, how she caught her husband through his phone chat with the said lady. Complaining of  the several occasions he( husband) had slept with the Plus-Sized mistress who is a single mother. she explained also that she planned the attack and how she didn’t know it will escalate to this  stage.

On his own part, the cheating husband also spoke about the scandal.

The friend of the wife who led the torture spoke on  how her friend called her and told her about how her husband had been cheating. “It was the anger boiling in me that made me do that.  I was looking for my missing son staying with my own ex husband and his girlfriend, that made me flog that woman mercilessly” .She cried

The woman who flogged the other lady in the viral video revealed during an interview session,  when she was  paraded by the Anambra State Police that it was not her husband that the lady slept with but  her friend’s husband and that the grieve and trauma of her ex husband leaving her with her only son, made her act the way she did.

Getting there the fact that she had suffered the same ordeal steered up so much anger and hate in her and she completely went haywire even to the extent of  acting  worse than her friend who was the bereaved.

She went on to confess that in her own case her own husband ended up relocating and taking away their son to stay with  his girlfriend and refused to reveal his whereabouts in Lagos,depriving her the opportunity of  seeing her own son.

Watch the videos as they All speak..


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