”FOR THE WOMAN”-Celebrating the International Woman’s Day
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”FOR THE WOMAN”-Celebrating the International Woman’s Day

For the woman whose husband shares his heart with another

For the woman married but single.

To the woman who is a custodian of God’s special child that has developmental delays and not a regular child

For the woman secretly dealing with a rebellious child/children.

For the woman who is misunderstood

For the woman who has just been left for another woman.

To the woman who drains her pillow with tears dealing with a secret pain, a label society/life has put on her due to no fault of hers..labels like divorced,barren,single….

To the woman misjudged for daring to be different.

To the woman scorned because she brought to life the seeds her husband plants inside her… “Girls only”

For the woman who is mourning the loss of a pregnancy that nobody else knew about.

For the woman who was fired for her fourth tardy because she has been awake for a straight week with a sick child.

For the single mom who doesn’t know how the utilities are going to stay on this month.

For the woman who has gone through IVF’s and has tried for years without success but still shows up to every baby shower for her friends.

To the woman whose heart has been broken severally used and dumped by men yet attends her friends weddings and genuinely wish them well.

For the woman who still hasn’t forgiven herself for the abortions she committed in ignorance yester years.

For the woman who has a line of judging eyes at her and her children as she slides her debit card at the grocery store.

For the woman that opens the door to the news of her husband being killed overseas three weeks before he was to return home.

For the woman that lives a with a quiet anxiety because nobody understands what you could possibly stressed about.

For the woman that gives to her family all day- everyday and just.needs.a.break.

For the woman that takes care of all but none takes care of her.

For the woman that smiles at strangers all day in public- but weeps silently every night.

For the woman that heard the rumors about herself…heaps of untrue words about her.

For the woman sleeping next to a stranger every night.

For the woman whose genetics will never allow her to look like the ones in the magazines.

For the woman that endures one broken relationship after another because there was no father around to teach her what love looks like.

To the woman her husband shoots blank and she is yet blamed for not being able to bring forth.

To the woman you desperately yearns to hear a living being call her “Mama”

For the woman raising a fatherless daughter and praying that history doesn’t repeat itself.

For every single woman that cries in the shower so that nobody else can see. Because if you aren’t strong-nobody is.
Just because the water washes your tears doesn’t mean that you don’t cry.

To the woman battling with a health challenge or watching her child, loved one going through health issue.

To the woman who feels ugly stirring at the mirror.

To the woman that does not know where her rent or the next meal for her family will come from.

To that woman who just received a devastating news.

To the woman who has to play strong but broken into pieces inside

To the woman watching her children live the opposite of the life she dreamed and prepared them for.

To the woman who is scorned for daring to be brave and strong enough to walk away from a relationship she feels she isn’t cut out for.

To that woman who is forced to live on false high pedal stone title and society has placed on her. Thus she must act, endure and subdue her real self.

I am you. I see you. I am with you, I cry with you.

My knees are speaking for you

Psalm 46:5
God is within her, she will not fall; God will help her at break of day.

Happy Women’s Day
Please share and appreciate our women.

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